17 December 2010

les grands esprits se rencontrent (à lyon)

lyon01lyon begins late. a happy reunion. nonstop laughing. a tasting session at midnight.

the next day, you wake up to a note.

a note telling you about all the possible things you can eat. cereal, bread, granola, yogurt, milk, tea, etc… your friend is an expert at making sure your tummy is happy.

but. she did one evil thing.

lyon02she put out the jar of speculoos butter.

that’s right. nothing else got eaten. or even touched. it was just you, a spoon, some bread, and a jar of speculoos that morning. some clementines as well.

lyon03in english, we have the phrase “great minds think alike.

lyon04but in french, they have the phrase “les grands esprits se rencontrent.

lyon06it means the exact same thing. but the literal translation would be “great spirits meet.

lyon08it’s curious how in the french version, there is an aspect of something physical. an actual meeting. not just mental ideas floating around that happen to be the same. in english, they think. in french, they meet.

lyon05and that’s what happened in lyon. you met a grand esprit.

lyon07you do all your pondering in a museum. as usual.

lyon09then night falls. and gradually lyon begins its shift.

lyon10the shift into a city of blurs.

lyon11you love lyon because she knows exactly what you love. and she gives it all to you. lights. blurs. rays. reflections. shadows. arches. clouds. bridges.

lyon12she even knows how much you love les moutons. bah oui, of course.

lyon16only lyon, isn’t that right?

lyon17of course. one of your favorite color combinations. bleu. blanc. rouge. red, white, and blue – it works for your favorite places in the world: usa, texas, france, and taiwan.

lyon20you end the night at a jungle. then it’s off to home. to bed. to rest up for another day with lyon.

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