02 December 2010


london01it does not look like this today, the 2nd of december. it actually looks more like a snow globe.

but let’s rewind to about two weeks ago.

when france decides it wants to take your breath away, she will. and she does it effortlessly.

london02and she does it 150%. she doesn’t slack when she wants to faire beau.

however, she can also be fickle.

london03when she’s in a bad mood... she’s in a bad mood. a few hours later, and this is what you get at the port of calais.

london04you’re trying to get to london. but france is raining. and blowing. her winds are too strong and your ferry to england is delayed by 5 hours.

but it’s okay. you’re in the company of interesting people. discussions happen. recipes are given. jokes are told. time passes.

london05and before you know it, the sky clears up. and you can finally leave france.

london06besides, you’ve already survived a volcano erupting and french people striking.

london07heavy winds just becomes another line added to your “european travel hiccups list.”

london09and once you arrive, any trace that you were even affected by travel delays evaporates instantly. beef stew! homemade dumplings! in the oven and waiting for you made by one of your favorites in the entire british isles.

and in the world as well.

you eat. giggle. laugh. catch up. inflate an air mattress. browse british cookbooks. gossip. then finally, sleep.

london10you wake up and you become goldilocks because you’re eating porridge with bananas for breakfast.

it probably is the same thing as oatmeal. but your friend calls it porridge so you can’t do anything but imagine yourself in a fairytale.

london12it’s been five years since you last visited london. and you reflect on how much you’ve changed as a person. as a tourist. as a photographer. as everything. five years is a long time to be away. and a long time to grow.

you’re happy with the person you’ve become.

london13rainy, wet, and cold – but you’re used to it.

london14christmas. means many things. but to you, it means lights. lots of lights to blur. lots of lights that you love.

london15you have you first ever crumpets. with tea. tea with milk, of course.

a meal without bread for the french is essentially the same as tea without milk for the english.

london16a blocked sunset. but enhanced by blurs.

london17 you stumble upon a forest of green.

sometimes photos say a lot. sometimes they say a little.

but to yourself, they remind you of meeting a new friend, queuing an hour for pakistani food, attempting to enter a club for a photobooth, sunday flower markets, endless attempts at going to a certain coffeeshop, trying to figure out locks, learning about english architecture, visting a market, walking down brick lane eight times, thrifting for a perfect vintage dress, teaching english to afghan refugees, navigating closed tube lines….

there isn’t a need to document everything as long as you have a few photos that can evoke those happy memories from your short english weekend.

londonfilmand just like la rochelle, there are 108 memories left. but they are hibernating until next summer.

part two to come another day!

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Lovely skies!