09 December 2010

the night starts here

fdli rarely read my old words. i don’t know. i just don’t like reading my thoughts from ages ago.

but i decided to read my pre-lyon thoughts from last year.

and wow, how much has changed. the city that was unknown to me last year where i completely winged a trip in less than a day is now a city that i now have friends in. not to mention, i’ve changed. me today is quite different from me a year ago. from me tomorrow. from me in a year. and so, i think that is one reason why i’m attracted to journaling/blogging – it is a reminder of all the changes that happen in life.

i’m meeting that stranger from facebook (and perhaps stranger isn’t the correct word anymore). i’m going to eat tartiflette with my favorite lyonnaise. i’m going to wish another a happy birthday.

but then, some things don’t change:

“and now, i’m going to come back with hopefully some new friends, lots of photos, and definitely lots of delicious things.”

those were my words last year. and it happened. and i’m determined to make it happen again this year.

lyon, bring it on! i’ll be doing the bise with you tonight.

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Hannah said...

I'm very jealous you'll be in Lyon for the Fête des Lumières. I worked there as an assistant last year, and the Fête was one of the most amazing events.
(I actually found your blog when I was googling recipes for those Lyonnais pralines roses)