07 December 2010

the snow that came, left, and is now coming back again

evtodaytoday this was evreux at noon.

snowiphoneand six hours later this was evreux today. giant flurries everywhere.

snow01but last thursday, this was evreux. the snow that came, left, and has now come back.

snow02do you prefer the cold glow at 9AM or the stark white at 5pm?

snow03at 9am you did not have envie to go outside. your bed, hot tea, and books were more appealing. so for that particular day, you chose the stark white for a walk.

snow04 growing up without much snow, it will always be magical to you.

snow05 your eyes were glued to the sky.

snow06a tip from your roommate led you to climb up steep stairs to check out the ligne verte, a biking/jogging/walking/etc trail. literally, green line. but on that day, it was far from green.

snow07a bit of blue and red doesn’t hurt the white blanket.

snow08you stop.

snow09you stare.

snow10you love it.

snow11sometimes you feel as if you’ve seen all of evreux.

snow12but when it snows, you discover so much more.

evreux covered in snow actually leads you to uncover more things you love about it.

snow13and it only cements your adoration for your favorite french town.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Beautiful! Same thing here...



Melamapola said...

Un p'tit café au lait, des tartines de confiture maison, une chanson de John Lennon et la lecture d'un joli blog... doux début de journée... merci cathy !