08 December 2010

two different days, two different walks, two different snows

Back Cameraon my walk back from work today, i kept stopping. and pulling out my cell phone to make photos. people would stare at me. but i didn’t care.

Back Camerabecause i was seeing clementine peels everywhere!

Back Camerasomebody, probably a french boy, had eaten a clementine and decided to use the sidewalks as a poubelle.

Back Cameranormally i don’t approve of littering. but for clementines in december, i will make a rare exception.


i had lunch.

and an hour later, i went out for another walk to run some errands.

Back Cameraand this time, i cuffed my jeans because i was walking on a white blanket. round two of a snowy evreux had just begun.

snowagain07and instead of clementines, i saw outlines of leaves.

snowagain11i wasn’t the only one happily playing in the snow – so was the l’aise breizh, the cute little mascot of brittany that you’ll see on any car from la bretagne. guaranteed.

snowagain08in france (please don’t correct me if i am wrong because the deed is done) people who are moving out will just leave things they don’t want out on the sidewalk.

snowagain09and it is game for the taking before the garbage men take it away.

curiosity got the best of me. i peeked into the box.

then i looked left. looked right. swallowed my pride.

quickly ran up four flights of stairs to my apartment.

locked the door. and…

snowagain10welcomed the baby ceramic tart molds into their new home! my home. they will be filled with all sorts of yummy things. oh, i can’t wait!

now let’s go back in time to friday when the first snow was just leaving.

nwalk01and this time, i was walking to a bar. with friends.

nwalk02i ordered a chaude boisson. it’s hot, all right. but the cognac in it also makes it strong.

of course, a clementine also makes an appearance.

i told you so – they magically appear when you least expect them.

nwalk03and i ended the night with a walk back to my apartment.

i really do treasure these small moments evreux always gives me.

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