11 January 2011

and in a year, a year or so this will slip into the sea

nantes11say hello the pastry symbol of nantes, the aptly named gateau nantais or in english, the nantes cake.

it’s a mix of sugar, salted butter (don’t even think about unsalted), almonds, flour, eggs, vanilla, and rum.

vanilla is such a common ingredient in pastries today. but think about the past. when things came from abroad. when you had to wait for months. when each time a ship sailed into port, there was always something exotic to discover.

and so all the richness of the world passed through nantes’ port, especially rum and vanilla from the antilles islands in the caribbean.

and one day, when you get around to making this cake, you’ll share the recipe and results.

nantes13the above cake was bought from this boulangerie. instant love because of the name. literary references are the quickest way to make you fall in love.

and of course an amazing hazelnut pain au chocolat that was eaten too quickly before a photo was made.  plus a baguette de tradition. plus a cornbread. plus everything else inside that made your mouth water.

and you’re incredibly jealous your friend lives two steps away from here. talk about a dangerous walk in the morning!

nantes12another example of instant love. silhouettes. windows. positive and negative space. paper cuts. patterns. but above all, people who care about making their city look nice.

nantes14 les machines de l'ile – a must if you’re into steampunk.

nantes15then you hop to a museum.

nantes17for a really nice history lesson about nantes.

nantes16but instead you find yourself captivated by windows, shadows, and light.

nantes18for you, photography is all about light.

and life as well, it’s all about light.

physically. spiritually. mentally. light is important.

nantes20you step outside. the sun is quickly leaving.

nantes21and you say goodbye.

you’re off to paris. then evreux. then paris. and from paris, you’re off to where you’re going to spend christmas.

PS: a small note from the present. today is 1.11.11. so make a wish!


Margaret said...

Hello Cathy, I've just discovered your blog. It's so beautiful! I'm interested in many of the same things as you, apparently. I've been corresponding in imperfect French with a friend in France (that's what my blog is about). I'm very thrilled to have two exciting trips coming up - a weekend in Montreal with husband & kids, and even better, a trip to Nantes & Paris all alone, in March. Yay! It's a first for me. How wonderful to see you've just been to Nantes and taken such gorgeous photos. I will come back and check to see what you're up to next.

donna said...

i LOVE the blue windows, shadows and lights....but i am always fascinated by light...winter light vs. summer light....some of the loveliest summer light i have ever seen was in seattle in august....