03 January 2011

chicken. walnuts. stale bread. butter.

walnutchickenyes. that’s exactly what you think it is. slices of butter sitting on top of some walnut oregano crusted chicken breasts.

as much as i want to show you my december adventures, life in evreux is too exciting.*

take, for example, a fire right next door.

next door, where i have three precious neighbors.

who are temporarily living with me, until the smokiness goes away.

which means i get to cook for people i like.

and you can too.

you find some stale bread. and if you have a food processor, you could make it into bread crumbs. or if you only have a sharp knife, you can just chop it into as many small pieces as you can.

you find whatever bag of nuts you have laying around. in my case, it was walnuts. but i think anything will work. toast them in the oven. and same with the bread, chop it into as many small pieces as you can.

pick an herb. dried or fresh. i decided on oregano. mix it in with the breadcrumbs and chopped nuts.

take out the big jar of mustard in your fridge. (that should be a staple. if it isn’t, get yourself to a grocery store soon.) whole grain or non whole grain, it doesn’t matter. put some in a bowl and mix in some honey.

then in the corner of your eye, you spot the worcestershire sauce.

well, why not? add that in to the mustard and honey.

now get your four chicken breasts ready.

rub them with the mustard mix, then coat them in the bread/nut mix. place on a baking sheet. the recipe says to drizzle them with some olive oil. but, you are living in northern france. you substitute with butter. lastly, some salt and pepper. or you could do it in the beginning. it’s up to you.

and then you bake them. 205C/400F for about 15-20 minutes.

and don’t forget that the entire time you’re doing this you’re joking. laughing. telling stories. gossiping. listening to music. with people you like a lot.

and to recap:

4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts rubbed in mustard + honey + worcestershire sauce then coated in chopped toasted walnuts + bread crumbs from a stale baguette + oregano then topped with butter + salt + pepper then baked in a 205C/400F oven for 15-20 min.

original recipe here. (heavily modified + i did not follow quantities at all- but it worked!)

*plus, just like a good wine, cheese, or bread, travel photos are best when they’ve aged a bit on my laptop.