12 January 2011

december 24th. 25th.

londbrist01two days that are important for lots of people. two days that are ordinary for lots of people. two days that are perhaps nothing special for lots of people. but for you, they’re nothing but two days of absolute joy.

you start be wrapping gingerbread.

in london.

londbrist03and in the empty apartment, you’re left a note and some keys.

londbrist02you were planning on walking through some parks. but with nothing but guaranteed slips, you decide it’s best to stay on de-iced sidewalks.

londbrist04then you change homes. this time, to a beautiful english house. with an amazing family who doesn’t know you. has never met you. but most of all, doesn’t mind adopting you for a night.

londbrist05and so your christmas eve is spent cooking. eating. sipping tea with milk. trying to see a concert. drinking. falling asleep watching a seventies christmas horror movie.

small moments. perfect moments.

londbrist06the next day, it’s december 25th.

londbrist08and you begin the day with tea and milk.

londbrist10you discover that in england, the only person who says “merry christmas” is santa/father christmas. for regular people like you, you say “happy christmas” instead.

londbrist09the presents are just waiting to be unwrapped.

waiting for people to arrive.

ooo, the wait!

londbrist11a whomping occurs for the last person to wake up. they are attacked by a stuffed animal. and the victim…. not the person who slept in, but the stuffed animal, loses his tail. and so some christmas day surgery takes place as well.

londbrist12you eye the cookbook bookshelf. and wish luggage weight restrictions didn’t exist.

londbrist15then you leave london.

and what an incredibly sunny day.

you actually need sunglasses that you of course don’t have.

the roads are empty. and you’re playing DJ with a mix of music to make the ride even more special.

londbrist16you arrive. still on british soil.

hello, bristol!

londbrist17and hello, snow. and ice. and hills. this is tricky.

londbrist18you arrive right in time for christmas lunch/dinner. a dining table complete with christmas crackers. not edible american crackers, but crackers that pop open with little gifts.

londbrist20and you’re so happy to experience a british christmas. last you had a french christmas. and they are definitely not the same, except for the importance of being together. which is the point of christmas, anyway.

you’re extremely curious about what sort of christmas you’ll have in 2011.

londbrist21 hello trifle!

londbrist22and most of all, hello pudding! the hotly debated word between the americans and the british last year. pudding in england is an entirely different beast. it’s steamed. made with suet. filled with dried fruit. a one pound coin is snuck in. and soaked with rum. for a long time. preferably a year. and then served with custard.

pudding isn’t your favorite. but when it’s made by a favorite, that changes everything. so for this particular christmas pudding, you love love love it. delicious!

londbrist24presents are exchanged. including a jar of speculoos butter lugged all the way from france… that upon arrival, was already open. already tasted.

but not by you. promise.

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