19 January 2011

an extraordinary day

extra01 today is an extraordinary day.

extra02because it is an ordinary day.

you found a quote in lyon that you can’t stop thinking about.

"Ce qui intéressait Méliès, c'était l'ordinaire dans l'extraordinaire, et Lumière l'extraordinaire dans l'ordinaire" -Jean-Luc Godard 1966

extra03another ordinary moment. charlotte potatoes in a charlotte pan. a really bad joke, but a joke that makes you giggle inside. and that makes it extraordinary.

and in case you didn’t know, charlotte potatoes are good for either steaming or sautéing. the advantage of shopping at the market is that you learn a lot from human contact.


Lindsay said...

Beautiful photos! Love the sky collage.

donna said...

love the blues......

flou said...

extraordinary words! :)