06 January 2011

lyon day lyon night

lyon23let’s rewind a few weekends back. to a saturday in lyon.

you wake up at noon.

and in france that means it’s time for apéro.

you can’t say no. so, with no food in your stomach for the last 15 hours, you have a kir.


nothing better than starting the day buzzed, right?

lyon22you are assigned a job.

spread some pâté onto some bread.

lyon21but your biggest pleasure is observing someone who knows what they’re doing. it could be a potter at the wheel. a dancer on a stage. a fisherman reeling in a fish. someone who can wrap presents.

there’s a certain rhythm that those people have. a swiftness that comes only because they’ve practiced. they’ve made mistakes long ago. and at this point, it’s all intuition with no hestiation. they never miss a beat.

and you’re lucky enough be watching one such skilled person cook.

as the french like to say, tac tac tac, c’est fini!

before you know it, your friend has finished making her cakes and is off to to the next thing.

lyon25which would be quenelles. a poached dumpling of sort made with fish, usually brochet, or in english, pike. don’t miss it if you ever find yourself in lyon – it’s their specialty.

lyon26afterwards, you write letters to santa. or in french, père noël. in france, you can mail a letter to him, and even if you don’t put a stamp, it will magically get to him and he will mail you a response.

lyon27clementines. your favorite winter staple.

lyon28another walk in a park. the same park. but this time, at night.

lyon29and it’s slightly different from the daytime version.

lyon31because at night, la fête des lumières is on.

lyon33gone are the greens and browns and blues of the day. instead the reds and oranges and yellows change the atmosphere completely.

lyon32night and day. every city has two personalities, and lyon is no exception.

lyon30and with that last late night walk, le fête des lumières is finished.

but not lyon. you’ve got one more day.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love lyon, but have only seen it at night.



donna said...

love the pics of the various lights in lyon!!!.....haven't been there...but someday hope to....well, actually i was on the TGV...and blasted through lyon..... but that doesn't count!