13 January 2011

post-christmas moments

londbrist26a colorful breakfast. speculoos butter present, of course.

londbrist27best. wallpaper. ever. plans to to find matching floral print shirts to recreate some garden state photos are made. but never truly happen. next time!

londbrist28here, at this very bookshelf, you fell back in love with real books.

and your realize it’s because you like reading books off of other people’s bookshelves. they’re books that have already been chosen by people you know. books that have already been read. books you know aren’t an attempted flood by a publisher. books that are special enough that someone would choose to give it a space on their bookshelf.

it’s that personal touch you like.

and you are perhaps re-inspired to go back to that bookshelf portrait project that you just left hanging.

londbrist29mini game of where’s waldo? can you spot the sleeping fox?

londbrist30off to the downs for a winter walk.

londbrist31a look down into a gorge. that, can you imagine, used to be filled with all sorts of boats until the boats became too big to fit?

londbrist34more walking. and walking. and walking. and walking. and walking. and walking. and walking. and walking. until you turn to your friend and finally say the two magical words: i’m hungry.

londbrist35mulled wine does wonders on a cold day.

londbrist36and so does pub food.

real non-frozen fish and chips. complete with mushy peas.

and apparently, baked camembert with chutney as well? yes please.

londbrist39everything is still officially closed, but it doesn’t stop you from peeking at bristol.

londbrist40 you make it back home for the delicious christmas-leftovers-dinner.

londbrist41one last glimpse outside. cold cold cold. it reached –11C, if you remember correctly.

londbrist42inside was a different story. it involved speculoos cookie s’mores.

take one homemade-and-hard-enough-t0-chip-your-tooth speculoos cookie and place a cadbury flake on top.

gather around a hot fireplace and roast a marshmallow.

don’t let it burn, but as soon as it starts melting, quickly transfer it on top of the flake.

quickly grab another  homemade-and-hard-enough-t0-chip-your-tooth speculoos cookie and make a sandwich.

then, quickly, eat!

and repeat.

londbrist43the next day, you are given the world’s quickest tour of bristol. by your favorite bristolian, of course. who, you decide, could possibly be banksy as nobody really knows his/her identity!

londbrist46then, another lovely leftovers lunch. which involves cointreau. which is not british at all. in fact, it’s french. but it is important. and eventually, the story of this bottle of cointreau will be explained.

londbrist47a few hours later. it’s time to eat, again. but this time you’re back in london. back in a cozy home. back to cooking, as usual! it’s gravy (courtesy of nigel slater) and mash and apples and sausages for dinner. plus a glass of sherry.

*mash = mashed potatoes, for those lost by the british lingo

londbrist49and dessert is none other than a minced pie. with brandy cream. and you love comparing the different ways people decide to break it open to eat. 

then, tomorrow, you’re going to pull a P-E-P again. P-E-P, you wonder, what’s that? it’s for when you do  Paris-Evreux-Paris in less than twenty-four hours for moving between destinations.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Marvelous shots! I love that Speculoos spread.



squirrelbread said...

A most excellent Christmas you had, it would seem. I received a jar of Speculoos spread for Christmas as well -- suggestions for how to use it?

Cheers and happy New Year,


cathy said...

i like it straight from the jar!
it never lasts long enough for me to bake with it...