22 January 2011

un gros arbe – a big tree

lesand01the best days are when you don’t know where you want to go.

but you want to go somewhere.

and it’s nice to have a friend with a car who is willing to drive.

just hop in the car – grab the touristic map of l’eure – and pick a random destination to explore. there’s no planning – just go.

so today’s moments included a typically rainy normandy day in les andelys, ruins of richard the lionheart’s castle, an umbrella full of holes, a contest to see who could best clean their muddy shoes, and pointing out the sheep, horses, and cows along the seine river.

lesand02you love the spirit of your friends.

because when you guys want to do something. or want to see something. or accomplish something. you all just do it.

and so, tonight, three tickets were bought.

one one way ticket to taipei.

and two round trip tickets to taipei.

and perhaps, you hope, more tickets will be bought in the following weeks.

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