10 January 2011

well it's been a long time, long time now since i've seen you smile

nantes01your heart sinks.

your ride to nantes has essentially cancelled because of the snow.

the snow you love. the snow you refuse to hate, even with all the transportation issues.

because, when it comes down to it, it’s too beautiful.

nantes02but in the end your ride changes his mind. and you make it to nantes. you arrive near midnight – straight into a giant english hug.

and the next morning, you wake up to a note. your favorite thing to wake up to when you’re alone.

nantes03the french boyfriend of your english friend is from brittany. and so of course the dancing dame, who is actually a bigouden, is to be found everywhere. she makes you smile.

nantes04you begin exploring nantes with the cathedral.

nantes06and after that, of course, a pastry walk.

nantes07so far, every time you see a public bike system in france, they always have clever puns. and nantes doesn’t disappoint. this time, it’s bicloo, with a 8) face.

nantes08as always, when you are in a new city, you don’t really do much.

nantes09 just a lot of simple observations to soak in the atmosphere.

nantes10and you end the day with the real reason you came to nantes. to see a friend and spend time with her. shadowing her in the kitchen as she made some italian vegetable pasta.

for you, travelling would be pointless if you didn’t make new friends and visit old ones. your priorities are: 1) people 2) food 3) landscape/museums/historical monuments/everything else/etc.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A lovely place and post!



Bren said...

yes I'm with Rosa: a lovely place! I love the affection for snow... happy new year.

Yann said...

Bonne Année Cathy.
Cela fait longtemps que je n'ai pas laissé de commentaire mais tes posts sur la découverte de la France sont toujours très intéressants à lire !

cathy said...

:) merci a tous!

yann - c'est intéressent parce que la france me montre toujours les choses intéressantes. et pour ca, je dois la partager avec tout le monde!