06 February 2011

bouillie de sarrasin

bdsis that fudge? is that beef? is that foie gras? is that chocolate?


it is a bouillie de sarrasin. (from either normandy or brittany.)

after 3 years of being in love with france, you’ve finally found the one thing that you don’t love.

which is not bad, considering that you like everything else.

but this, a mix of buckwheat flour and milk, then sautéed in butter and dusted with sugar… just doesn’t cut it for you.

more importantly, thanks to this discovery, the night was filled with lots of laughs, some amazing faces being made, and a new point of reference for future inside jokes.


donna said...

it sounds a bit like a little medieval-style snackcake....guess i wouldn't be too impressed either....some things are better left behind......

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That is interesting! I've never seen this specaility before...



Brenna said...

I've never heard of this! I found something I don't like...andoillettes!!