16 February 2011


post01post-it notes. stacks of them are always near you. just like your glasses, you can’t function without them.

post02you use them to plan. trips. meals. ideas. otherwise, you’ll forget.

post03your friends make fun of you because you use them on the back of your phone. but for you, digital notes just don’t work the same as pen and paper.

post04important poems are marked for you to read. because finishing all of les fleurs du mal is looking less and less possible. so the favorites are highlighted for you.

post05they’re also used in library books for great quotes and photos you’d like to remember.

post06and they’re also used to keep track of all the people you’ve met. because you’ve got a terrible memory of who is who and how you met them and when you met them and what they do and all sorts of other details.

post07but your favorite? it’s the one you didn’t write. it’s the one that someone else writes and leaves on your wall for you.

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Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] said...

I have notes all over my room, in my purse, in my coat pockets. I can't live without it. The other day, my entire class of 7 year olds were laughing at me. I was so nervous, "qu'est-ce qu'il y a!??!" "ms.brenna, il y a un post-it sur votre fesse!"

yes, that happened.