13 March 2011


emptiedparisianpocketsyou’re back from paris.

for the fourth time this week.

it has been a P-E-P-E-P-E-P-E week.

when you got back today, the first thing you did was empty your pockets. your parisian pockets. and then hide all evidence of paris into your drawer. paris is nice. it is lovely. but it is tiring. and all you want right is is evreux. that will be e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e for the next two weeks. it is your one-on-one time with evreux with no parisian interruptions.

after that, maybe you’ll be ready for paris again. but most definitely not now.

apresmidi01the second thing you did when you got back was to go for a walk. not a walk to work. not a walk to the train station. not a walk to the grocery store. not a walk to return books. just a walk with no end goal to enjoy the town you love so much.

there are lots of yellows. there are lots of greens.

but it’s not what you’re looking for.

apresmidi02there are browns.

but it also isn’t what you’re looking for as well.

apresmidi03there are pinks. there are whites.

and that still isn’t what you’re looking for.


that is what you’re looking for.


this is the wrong purple.

apresmidi05this is the purple you think you want.

but you are not 100% sure since it’s not in full bloom.

jesslilasles lilas. lilacs. your favorite flower.

the flower you can only smell once a year.

the scent that can take you back in time to a weekend in brittany spent with your favorites.

right now, the only thing you have is a drawing a friend made in your notebook just for you.

but you want the real thing.


apresmidi06and so, you’ll keep checking back to see if this is a lilac.

and if not, you’re sure you’ll be able to find some lilacs elsewhere in evreux in april.

apresmidi07a bonus color: orange.

the color of goldfish crackers. brought from a friend from texas.

this color takes you back to third grade friendships and lunchboxes and snack times.

and you feel only slightly sorry for the french children who don’t get to grow up without these. slightly because the frenchies get lots of other good stuff in their childhood meals.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Lovely spring shots! I love the one of the purple lilac.



Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] said...

i love seeing your view of France!

donna said...

silly little goldfish.....he sneaked into the blog!.....it made me laugh at the end..........