29 March 2011

from one walled city to another

is13-smallyou start your day in jaffa. a walled city. a heavy city. also, a city a bit too clean.

is14-smallalso possibly one of the oldest port cities still around.

calm, you think? enjoy it, because it isn’t lasting long.

is12-smallthe storm rolls in and you quickly start the hunt for shelter.

the next day, you move on to another walled city.

is15-smallyou take the bus and arrive at…. jerusalem. an even heavier city. the rain is still there. slightly.

however, you can actually say goodbye. it is the last time you’ll see rain because from here on out it is nothing but beau beau beau.

is16-smallas you make your way inside the old city, the blue sky reveals itself – perfect for the wish you leave in a crack on the western wall.

you continue with the normal touristy things.

is17-smallthen you let loose in the alleys and passageways. every turn and every step brings you to a new surprise. and you are never sure which of the four quarters you’ll wander into: jewish, christian, muslim, or armenian?

the transition between each neighborhood is something you can’t get enough of.

is18-smallit can be hard to find a quiet spot in a place with heavy traffic – but you do manage.

is19-smallthen you step outside the city walls.

is20-smalland marvel.

is21-smallafterwards you climb the walls and find yourself on top of the old city. there’s a sunset about to happen and you’re determined to find a spot to watch it from.

is22-smallgoing indoors doesn’t help. but you do discover blurs you like.

is23-smallthe sunset arrives. but you’re foiled again by buildings and trees. quite a common issue in your life.

good thing sunsets happen every day – which means once every twenty-four hours, you have a brand new chance to find the perfect spot.


donna said...

a beautiful set of pictures.....the grey/brown/ blues captured me...

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'd love to photograph those old walls... Beautiful and so atmospheric.