20 March 2011

impossible –> possible

pola02 this weekend.

the impossible became possible.

pola01and now you realize why you found the playing card with the eight of hearts.

because one impossible package equals eight pieces of film.

eight moments. eight imperfections. eight things you love instantly.

and after making four of them, you realized that your original intention for them isn’t what you expected.

but that’s okay because you’ve got a new idea of what to do with them.

so. this makes project number three.

the other projects – one is in the works, two is in your head.

you’ll write about them once they’re more concrete.


xq said...

ooh polaroids, yay! so much nostalgia. remember when they also made photo sticker film? haha now i feel old. anyway, i'm excited to see what you do with them!

cathy said...

photo sticker film is also amazing. but film will always be #1 for me