07 March 2011

la manche

tamer01let’s go back in time. as usual. to the first weekend of february.

one month has passed, yet it feels like ten years has passed. things seem to move faster and faster.

but you remember.

you were terrified.

as usual.

each weekend, you seem to do something outside your comfort zone.

this time, it was going home with a friend. a friend who is known to weave into the lane of upcoming traffic.

but hey, she’s the one with the car and the driver’s license. so off to la manche.

you arrive. eat. and in what seems to be a normal pattern, head straight to bed since you’re both rather claquéed.

tamer02the next morning, she takes you to a port.

tamer03and then to the most important thing: the sea. 

tamer04sea + picnic + good company = something you could do all day. every day. for all your life.

tamer05you sit.



tamer06then it’s time to play the “walk on a wall with 50 km/h winds and hope you aren’t blown off into the rocky body of water below”

dangerous? just a bit.

tamer07just like brittany, the sea in normandy is tied closely to the countryside.

tamer08it’s impossible to separate the green from the blue. they go together.

tamer09no sandy beaches here. just blades of grass. lots of them.

tamer10your friend is stressing about how you might be bored.

tamer11and you chide her, questioning how well she knows you – you could never be bored when you’re close to the sea. you love it too much.

tamer12it’s true. you really do love exploring quiet spots of france.

tamer15then you go to cherbourg. a city she hates. a city you absolutely have to go to because of a movie. les parapluies de cherbourg.

here you are. goal accomplished. back to chez elle.

tamer16and her parents make a repas normand just for you.

coquilles st. jacques. scallops.

bigorneau. common periwinkle. or… sea snails.

crevettes. shrimps.

and the rest… you forgot. perhaps it was veal?

tamer17in between all that food, you taste some calvados. fait maison. it burns. it’s what they call the trou normand.

tamer19the next morning, you want to explore their backyard. where they have pommiers.

tamer21or in english, apple trees. definitely not the season, but you can still spot old apples on the ground.

tamer20you start playing with the dog. but you become distracted by something in the background.

tamer22peering over the fence, you spot some white spots.

could it be?

could it really be your favorite french animal?

you quickly run out and around for a closer look.

tamer23and you’re right.

instant happiness. les moutons. baaaaah-oui! the only thing that could make the moment more perfect is if the sheep would move closer to you. but they’re happy staying put.

you’re not. so you move on.

tamer24 to yet another field.

tamer25and this time, the donkey and the horse approach you. just like you like. coucou, you greet. and you apologize for not having any food because you’re sure that’s the real reason why they came close to you.

tamer26now you’ve got a goal. sheep, donkey, and horse. what’s missing? les vaches.

but it’s still morning. you’ve got all day, and you’re sure you’ll spot some cows before heading back to evreux.

tamer27lunch first. it doesn’t matter how well you cook. mommy’s cooking will always be better. and always tasty. and always hit the spot.

tamer32with a full tummy, you’re back in the car. back to evreux. but not without some stops.

tamer28where else? at the sea, of course. specifically, la pointe du hoc.

you were here in 2008. and the memories flood in.

tamer29you think about the friends you were with the last time here.

the friends you haven’t seen since.

and you think about the friend you’re with now.

and you hope – you know – you’re going to do everything possible – to make sure you’ll see her again. and the others as well. in france. maximum three years, but not before two. it will happen.

tamer30the future gives you a headache. so you focus back to the present.

tamer31one last glimpse, and then you head back to the car.

tamer33but you see a cow. so your friend pulls over so you can complete the “typical animals one sees in a normandy landscape” photo collection.

tamer34you monitor the sky, hoping for a good sunset.

tamer35normandy rarely disappoints.

tamer36the end of your short week-end normand.


Lizounette said...

lovely lovely! and what a fun game of "i spy" with the lovely animaux de normandie! I love your picture of the compote, how I miss thee!

donna said...

i love the sea pictures....especially the ones with the fishing nets.....

donna said...

i love the sea pictures....especially the ones with the fishing nets.........