25 March 2011

literary self-portraits #1 & #2


literary self-portrait #1: conflicts
man vs. nature
man vs. man
man vs. society
man vs. self

autoportrait littéraire #1: les conflits
l'homme contre la nature
l'homme contre l'homme
l'homme contre la société
l'homme contre lui-même

it all began in israel. or perhaps even the night before in paris. you did a lot of thinking. a lot of searching. and even though you were surrounded by lots of people, it was still your future and your thoughts and your ideas your plans and your emotions and your worries. so it was you vs. you.

then came the gironde. back in france, but lost in the marshlands. and there was a moment where it was you, paralyzed, because there was a horse galloping directly at you with no intentions of stopping. and that was you vs. nature.

that’s when you realize how conflicts in literature are nothing more than conflicts in life. and you wanted nothing more than to turn the ideas in your head into photo strips.



literary self-portrait #2: deus ex machina

autoportrait littéraire #2: deus ex machina

you’ve always loved the idea of deus ex machina. it’s just too easy. all problems, all worries, all fears, all erased.

if only all problems could magically resolve themselves – but would the world really be a better place? and would anybody be truly happy? you’re not so sure.

the ingredients:

  • you (of course)
  • a notebook full of ideas.
  • a pocket full of .50€, 1€, and 2€ coins.
  • an assistant who doesn’t mind and doesn’t question you when you send her a text at the last moment that says “bonjour! je suis à paris, est-ce qu'’on peut se retrouver à iéna après le boulot si tu as le temps…? bise! ps j’ai des cookies fait maison pour toi.[hello! i’m in paris. can we meet up at iéna after work if you have time? kisses! ps i’ve got homemade cookies for you.]
  • a city full of old film photo booths. paris. or austin. this project is definitely not limited to just one continent


as usual, nothing is ever set in stone. you’ve got ideas, sure, but what you really like is seeing how they grow and change as you continue. you never limit yourself to the initial plan. this is the beginning – but you aren’t sure how it will end.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love them!



Kelly Rae Burns said...

I'm really excited to see how this idea pans out. <3