18 March 2011

petits pas, grands pas

rock01don’t be fooled. it was nice for only a moment that second weekend in february.

rock02but a moment is still a moment. take it or leave it. there was enough sun for everyone to do a little bit of climbing on the cliffs along the seine river.

rock03before the famous normandy rain clouds took their rightful place in the sky.

rock04as you’re walking up and down the trails around the cliffs, you realize you’re always lagging behind the others because you take petits pas. or, small steps.

when you take grands pas, or big steps, you tend to always glisse. slip. which is your biggest fear outdoors. tumbling. and perhaps in life as well.

but you also lose your footing with the petits pas as well. falling is your signature. so it is a lose-lose situation.

however it is actually a win-win situation because you always get back up.

rock05then you start wondering about your choices in life. to do small things, or to do big things? to have small goals, or big goals? what is more effective? is it the small things or the big things that force change? that makes things better? personally and globally you start pondering.

rock06but enough thinking.

rock07it’s time to sleep.

here. yes, here.

dans les grottes. in the caves.

you don’t quite believe it either.

rock08 the next morning - your favorite show. the one that is always there. the sunrise.

rock09you might have slept rather uncomfortably. but it was worth it for the show you’re about to see.

rock10everybody’s eyes are locked toward the east.

rock12except some friends miss out because they’re still sleeping.

or rather, trying to sleep.

rock11because you’re pretty sure no one could possibly sleep with your early morning laughter at your friends’ early morning silliness.


but it’s when you turn around that you discover your new unexpected favorite combination.

rock13white normandy limestone + pink and orange glow of sunrise = instant love.

rock14what was white yesterday. bright white. suddenly became a chameleon and took on the exact same colors of the sunrise. so in fact, you got two different sunrises while standing in the same spot.

rock15you turn back around and watch the real thing.

rock16as usual, it never lasts long.

rock17everything goes back to their normal daytime hue. sans glow.

rock18the fog sets in.

rock19and it’s as if that sunrise never happened.

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