14 March 2011


willow four years ago. or was it five. you don’t remember. before polaroid decided to shut down.

you stood before a polaroid camera. and plenty of packets of film. and you were tempted. but you didn’t want to spend the money.

and boy. have. you. regretted. that. since.

a year or two later, you began collecting old polaroid cameras from thrift stores. in dallas.

but no film.

impyou saw the film on the impossible project.

and still, you didn’t want to spend the money.

you saw the film last year in a camera shop in istanbul.

and still, you didn’t want to spend the money.

but the desire just wouldn’t stop growing.

finally, last week, you cracked.

you don’t have a camera in france. but you know someone who does.

polaroidemail and you email him. and you ask. if you can get some film, can you borrow the camera? because you just can’t wait until the next time you’re back in texas. you want to make instant photos now.

and he says yes.

so. soon. you’re going to jump ahead and start on part two of a project when you haven’t even finished part one.

but you just can’t wait anymore.

so the lesson is: don’t let money get between you and what you desire.

what the heart wants, the heart is going to always want until it gets it.

upsand later today, your heart is going to finally be united with what it wanted years ago.

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Kelly Rae Burns said...

Yay! You have joined the impossible project ranks. I know that your pola images will be amazing!!! :)