15 March 2011


sak01you like finishing work to a sky of pink. finished are the days where you leave work in pitch black.

sak03another pink you like to see on your walk back from work is the sakura tree. full of soon-to-be large cherry blossoms.

last year you remember gasping once they were in full bloom late april. you don’t have them in texas. so to see the entire town covered in pink clouds was something that always made you tilt your head up.

but today. and yesterday. you felt instead a bit sad.

it wasn’t the nostalgia of missing people from last year when you’d walk under the trees and the blossoms would somehow get stuck in everybody’s hair.

sak04it was instead because of all the people in a certain country who would never see a cherry blossom again. blossoms native to their country. you’re going to enjoy them in evreux in about a month. picnics. walks. smells.

but so many others won’t.

sak02and what’s even worse is that it’s far from finished. you think about your list of european travel hiccups: volcanic eruption, french people striking, too much snow, suspicious packages, strong winds, exceptional construction work…

but nuclear radiation? that has never crossed your mind as a potential problem. you vow to never complain ever again the next time your train/bus/ride/ferry/plane/etc is cancelled or delayed.

sak05mono no aware. the new phrase you learned today. 物の哀れ. a sensitivity to things that you know will go away.

asu araba araba to omou sakura kana

tomorrow and tomorrow
will they still be?
cherry blossoms

                                 issa, 1808


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donna said...

You have shown a sensitivity to that which you will never be able to comprehend.....nor will any other person alive......we were on tsunami watch here on the west coast.....but it was nothing....absolutely nothing in the big picture.....my heart's broken