24 March 2011

three types of images

you’ve decided that there are lately only three types of images are important to you.

images that show. images that share. and images that take.

emphasis on lately. and emphasis on the word image instead of photo. you’ve been reading la solitude heureuse du voyageur and notes by raymond depardon and his words are making you rethink lots of ideas.

nuitblanche show – what everybody starts with. you push a button, you have a photo, and it’s finished. you show people an object, what you were doing, where you were, who you were with, etc. but unless the viewer is somehow related to the photo, they will just glance, move on, and forget. because unless you were there and know the people, it just isn’t that memorable.

croispas share – images that give a bit. an experience. an idea. these give something to the viewer. and these are the images you put on your online journal, as you like the idea of how everybody else can also enjoy the moments in your life even if they aren’t part of it.

filmmmmmmmm take – these are images that begin in your head. with an idea. and they take complete control of you and your thoughts until you create them. you toss, you turn – all you want is to make what you’re thinking and see it in your hands.

and that is the story of you arrived at your second project. a series of self-portraits.

but not just any self-portraits.

literary self-portraits.

it all began you realized that themes in literature are nothing more than themes in life. specifically, your life.

inside film photo booths, with about thirty seconds for each strip and four square frames, you will explore all sorts of literary devices. your notebook is full of ideas. so far you’ve made two of the four you’ve jotted down. but you know there are tons more to come as each photo strip you make inspires you in new ways.

plus – it’s no coincidence that there is a photo booth located 5 minutes walking distance from your train station in paris, is there?

imageeditinga bonus image: even while editing photos you find some unrelated inspiration. the patterns that your photos make when they are in cascading layers.

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