03 April 2011

entering and leaving

dream01-smalltoday you left a dream. not your dream, but the dream of someone else who was kind enough to invite you in for a peek. in the loire valley. la vallée de la loire.

it’s a dream you want. for the future. you’re tempted to want it now. but you know you need to wait.

dream02-smalland then, after your usual brief stop in paris, you came back to your current dream. your ebroicien dream. the dream that will soon end. and unlike last year, this time you will be ready to let go of it.

but more on this special weekend later. let’s continue with israel.

is25-smallas with all your travels, you always search for the local specialty. the thing a city or country is famous for.

except israel, being a country of immigrants and rather young… doesn’t have one certain thing.

but you’re stubborn. there has to be something special here.

is24-smalland you find it.

hello, breakfast.

an israeli breakfast, you learn, must have lots of choices. fruit, vegetables, pastries, cheeses, cakes, breads, yogurts, eggs, salad, juice, coffee, tea… even homemade limoncello.

there must be a lot. and you must take your time eating. with friends. for hours. on the weekend.

breakfast must be bountiful. that is the israeli specialty you discover.

is26-smallmuseum day.

is27-smalllater on you pause for a cheesecake.

imagine your surprise when this is brought out. equally tasty, but one cannot deny the link between form and culture.

in fact, you daresay that it is form that defines culture, and not the other way around.

is28-smallas for dinner… the food was memorable. perfect in so many ways. however you were deep in conversation and so that is really the only thing you remember from that night.

is29-small the next morning. yes, morning – you are off to try and do an impossible journey. you’re nearing the end of your trip and you’ve got things that are non-negotiable that you want to see.

is30-smallthe normally busy train station at tel-aviv is hauntingly empty. except for all the breakfast pastries leaving the ovens.

is30b-smalland you arrive.

is31-small at masada.

is30a-smalla special place where the cliffs meets the sea. the dead sea.

is32-smallrocks on your right, water on your left – you can’t decide which you like more. it used to be the sea. the ocean. but gradually, you’re beginning to feel more and more attracted to the mountains.

is33-smallyou’re able to find a little bit of green.

is34-smallyou’d like to spend more time here. but you’re pressed. you head back and book it to your second destination.

is35-smallbethlehem. in the palestinian territories. indeed an important city for lots of people because a certain somebody was born here.

but you don’t really care. you’re more curious about the daily life. so you take some detours.

is36-smalland what you see, what you realize… is that it’s such a shame. a shame that things have to be the way they are. and a shame that there doesn’t exist an easy solution.

_MG_0504the desperation felt in 73AD in masada perhaps isn’t so different than the desperation felt today when people can’t leave and people can’t enter. the links between history and today are always so dangerously close. so dangerously repetitive.

but you, you’re lucky. you can choose to leave and you can choose to enter. even if it isn’t easy, at least you’ve got choices.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Lovely food and amazing landscapes!



donna said...

fascinating pictures........

Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] said...

i love seeing israel through your eyes!

Kelly Rae Burns said...

I really love the street scenes especially the one with the little boy. I'm happy you share you adventures with us :)