07 April 2011

a lost sheet

ev01syou’re searching. you’ve turned your room upside down. for just one sheet of paper. with words you’ve forgotten that you’d like to remember.

this is the reason why you depend on notebooks. they don’t get accidently trashed like loose sheets.

ev03showever it also leads to an abnormally high stack of notebooks in your room.

your thoughts are everywhere. these books keep you sane.

this is the area where all your ideas go. your projects. your inspirations. your quotes. your friends. your portraits. your recipes. your vocabulary. they flow from the head to the heart to the hand to the pen to the ink to the paper.

ev02ssome are spiral bound. some are staple bound. some have ribbons. some are pocket sized. small were started years ago. some were started a week ago. none of them finished.

and that is one thing that bothers you about the digital age for online journals (or, as most of the world like to say: blog). there is no last page or back cover to signify an end. it just continues. and continues. and continues…. until you decide what the last page will be.


Kelly Rae Burns said...

<3 <3 I understand the love of notebooks :)

hannahalyon said...

Your post inspired me to start looking for my own notebooks - and there are quite a few. The most interesting part for me is to discover how much or how few my view on things, on certain people has changed over the years.

xq said...

love journals, something so much more satisfying about physically writing something down then typing it.

Anonymous said...

Notebooks are precious to me, I wouldn't live without them ! you've got a nice collection :)

donna said...

i can relate to "your thoughts are everywhere"......i live that life

cathy said...

so glad i am not the only one who loves notebooks and journals :)!

Elizabeth said...

A most beautiful love letter to journals.