05 April 2011

northwards to nazareth

is37-smallit’s your last full day in israel. so you decide to visit an area with a bit more light.

is38-smallyou love love the landscapes you’re seeing outside of your bus window. however, there’s no way to make photos in a moving bus. so one day, you decide, if you’re ever back, you’ll bike your way through israel.

actually that might be a bit ambitious. perhaps you’ll rent a car so you can stop as you like.

that won’t work either: you + driving + foreign country = a bad combination. so that leaves only one solution: make a friend with a car who enjoys road trips!

either way, the israeli countryside will have to be saved for another day.

on that tangent – you ask your friend if there actually exists a “countryside” in the same european or american sense. and she says no, most people that would be able to live in an israeli countryside if such a thing existed have homes abroad and just fly. that is the “countryside” for them.

is40-small you step inside a church. important? judging by the amount of tourists outside, yes, it’s important.

but you – you’re just attracted to those windows. those windows that let light in. those windows that you love to blur.

flou flou flou.

is39-smallaside from the windows, you like the collection of international mosaic paintings as well. you search out mexico for your favorite mexican mamita.

is41-smallthen you look up.

is44-smalland around.

is45-smalland out, because you’re hungry. as you flip through your french guidebook, your realize the advantage of what is resting in your hands.

the french. and the meal. they take it seriously. each time you’ve followed a recommendation in a french guidebook, no matter what country, you’ve never been let down.

on that tangent – do not confuse unesco’s recognition of the french meal with french cuisine. the food is definitely nice but what is special is how the frenchies eat.

is46-smalland that is how you find yourself easting hummus and an arabic salad.

is47-smallfollowed by dessert, qatayef, a type of mini pancake filled with cheese or nuts then fried.

is48-smallone cup of coffee. then head back to tel-aviv.

is49-smalla carafe of mint water is how you end part one of your february adventure.


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Kelly Rae Burns said...

The mint water looks lovely-I will have to try it here for the very hot summer months to come. I'm excited for your return and our trip to the photobooth here in Houston. <3

donna said...

the mosaics and the stained glass really captured me.....and fresh hummus, mmmmmmm, just had some at a lebanese restaurant in Venice, Calif. (L.A.)......could live on the stuff......

Narumi said...

Such beautiful photos, I'd love to visit this country ! qatayef looks delicious..