10 April 2011

wwoofing vocabulary: le marais

gironde06-smalleach morning begins withbrume covering everything.

gironde05-smallafter that, like clockwork,

balrougeappears in the sky.

gironde04-smalllast but not least,nuage take over.

gironde02-smallhere you can roam and exploremar to your heart’s content.

gironde17-smallwhat is is it that giveslavie to the landscape?

gironde33-smallas usual it is lesanimaux in this cause it would be deuxchevaux who are nameless. but you quickly remedy that.

the large one, the female, you name doucette the small one, the male, you namepissenlit

as for why, that will be explained plustard gironde34-smallthe marais is also a natural habitat forlesoiseaux gironde35-smallas you explore, you see evidence of the cycledelavie can you guess what animal this carcasse belongs to?

gironde10-smallif it were ete you could flip this canoe over and hop into the estuaire gironde11-small

part of your travail here at laferme is to chercherlafoin because there are soixante hungry mouths to be fed deuxfoisparjoursexplanations, definitions, and translations:

  • la brume: the fog.
  • un ballon rouge: a red balloon, otherwise known as the sun.
  • les nuages: the clouds.
  • le marais: the marshlands/wetlands.
  • la vie: life.
  • les animaux: the animals.
  • deux chevaux: two horses.
  • doucette: wild lamb’s lettuce, the name you give to the female horse
  • pissenlit: dandelion, the name you give to the male horse
  • plus tard: later
  • les oiseaux: the birds
  • cycle de la vie: the circle/cycle of life
  • carcasse: carcass
  • été: summer
  • canoë: canoe
  • estuaire: estuary, a transitional body of water where the freshwaters of rivers and streams flow into the open ocean.
  • travail: work
  • la ferme: the farm
  • chercher la foin: collect hay
  • soixante: sixty
  • deux fois par jour: twice a day


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A great series of pictures! I love the first photo.



Narumi said...

The landscape is gorgeous, never been in Gironde yet ! How long are you staying there ?

cathy said...

narumi: sadly, i've already left. this was from february... i always have a lag in between my travels and writing