13 April 2011

wwoofing vocabulary: les arbres, la citadelle, et au revoir

gironde20-smalltoday lecielis gray.

gironde14-small some orange is added when parking cones are brought out to keep people away.

gironde18-smallpeople need to stay away because today your host echenille all the trees to make them look nice. he climbs. your job is toramasser the fallen branches.

gironde19-smallall this happens on the grounds of a vignoblein the gironde.

gironde21-small then you have an afternoon libre gironde22-small you don’t have a voiture or a velo but you do have healthypieds

that don’t mind walking.

gironde25-smallso dixkilometres and deuxheures later, you reach your destination.

gironde23-smallthe small town of blaye is connu for the wine as well as the citadelle there. but the only word in your head is casse to describe the state of your camera lens.

gironde24-smallyoureposefor a few minutes at the right bank of the estuary and then head back to the farm.

gironde26-small for thedernierefois the big red balloon begins to set.

gironde28-small you want to stay. leave. rester leave. stay. leave. stay. leave. stay. leave. stay. leave. stay.partir gironde27-small in the end you leave. but you promise to revenir explanations, definitions, and translations:

  • le ciel: the sky .
  • orange: orange.
  • échenille: trim (only for trees).
  • ramasser: to gather.
  • vignoble: vinyard.
  • libre: free.
  • voiture: car.
  • vélo: bike.
  • pieds: feed.
  • dix kilomètres: ten kilometers.
  • deux heures: two hours.
  • connu: known for, famous for.
  • citadelle: unesco recognized citadel from 1685.
  • cassé: broken.
  • repose: rest.
  • dernière fois: the last time.
  • rester: to stay.
  • partir: to leave
  • revenir: to come back.

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A lovely walk! I love vineyards...