11 April 2011

wwoofing vocabulary: les moutons

gironde38-small commedhabitude that big red balloon doesn’t miss a beat.

gironde13-smallyou wake up in your mongolian yourte gironde39-smallthe morning rayons fill the bergerie gironde40-small this is the home of lesmoutons there are sixty brebis just one single belier and lots of little agneaux the 60:1 ratio is to ensure that all the brebis will be fecondesgironde15-smallin the morning they only have one thing on their mind:mangergironde29-smallone of your tasks is to remove lesficellesso they can access lescereales gironde30-small your hosts are eleveursdebrebis gironde31-smallthe sheep here are contents and gentils but they are far far far from intelligentsgironde32-smallthere are also neuf to be fed as well. their job is to keep the souris population down.

explanations, definitions, and translations:

  • comme d’habitude: as usual.
  • yourte: yurt. the traditional mobile homes of mongolian sheepherders.
  • rayons: rays.
  • bergerie: sheep barn.
  • les moutons: the sheep.
  • brebis: female sheep.
  • bélier: male sheep.
  • agneaux: lambs.
  • fécondes: fertile.
  • manger: to eat.
  • les ficelles: the strings .
  • les céréales: cereals.
  • éleveurs de brebis: sheep breeders.
  • contents: happy.
  • gentils: nice.
  • intelligents: intelligent.
  • neuf chats: nine cats.
  • souris: mice.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What cute sheep! Lovely clicks.