12 April 2011

wwoofing vocabulary: manger

gironde01-smallat the farm, it also functions as achambrebecause in today’s times it is impossible to make a living by being a petitproducteur the growing season is quatremois but there are still huitmois that one has to think about.

gironde16-smallrather than using a boucherieto sell the meat, they prefer to sell directly to the public  by being a tabledhote which is like a restaurant except that the customers cannot choose the menu and they must reserve in advance.

gironde09-smallthe one staple on the menu is toujourslamb’s meat. the ones they raise, biensur gironde12-smallthere are still quite a few potirons from thejardinsitting around that need to be used.

gironde03-smallwhich leads to this terrinede  served with a salade and of course some agneauxgironde07-smallone thing you discover is doucette2 you might think it is the same thing as mache  but it isn’t – the difference is that doucette is sauvauge and you cannot buy it. which means that yes, you were outside searching for and collecting these leafy greens.

gironde08-smallthe other thing you’re surprised to be digging up is pissenlit2the best time to eat them is in the beginning of the season because later on they become too amer what you thought was just a wildflower is now one of your favorite salad greens – and also fitting names for the two horses.

gironde36-smallnaturally lunch involves asaladedepissenlit along with a big bowl ofrizaupotiron and of course agneau grillegironde41-smallanother meal, another day, involves cornichonsand mouton2

culinary wise, sheep meat is not the same as lamb’s meat. the taste is plusfort but also less economical parceque it takes more time, so you’ll never see it for sale.

gironde37-smalland – surprise! you also eat a poulpeone day as well, which you weren’t expecting at all for your wwoofing experience.

explanations, definitions, and translations:

  • chambre d’accueil: guestrooms, bed and breakfast.
  • un petit producteur: small (independent) producer.
  • quatre mois: four months.
  • huit mois: eight months.
  • boucherie: butcher’s.
  • table d’hôte: literally a “host’s (dinner) table” but it is when a bread & breakfast sort of place serves a meal at their place.
  • toujours: always.
  • bien sûr: of course.
  • potirons: pumpkin or squash.
  • jardin: garden.
  • terrine de potiron: a pumpkin… dish. this one is rather untranslatable. a terrine is a terrine.
  • salade d’endives: chicory salad.
  • agneaux: lamb.
  • doucette: wild lamb’s lettuce.
  • mâche: lamb’s lettuce.
  • sauvage: wild.
  • pissenlit: dandelion.
  • amer: butter.
  • salade de pissenlit: dandelion salad.
  • riz au potiron: pumpkin rice.
  • grillé: grilled.
  • cornichons: pickles.
  • moutons: sheep.
  • plus fort: stronger.
  • parce que: because.
  • poulpe: octopus.

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Narumi said...

All this delicious food drives me crazy, you must have really enjoyed beeing there :) I've tried pissenlit at the country and it's really good !