26 June 2011


aupif03today was a day of prépos. a word you invent because it is a mix of preparation and repos (rest).  you’re physically resting from all the moving around, but mentally you’re busy as you’ve got things to prepare since tomorrow you’ll be teaching for the last time.

at the end of next week, you’ll no longer officially be in the education domain. you’re moving on to a different passion, the environment.

aupif04and so, even if you are slowly weening yourself away from evreux, you can’t help but just enjoy these long summer nights.

alpsyou just got back from the south. les alpes-maritines. where the mountains meet the sea. and that is what is freshest in your mind.

so. one needs to eat, even if they are resting up in normandy.

aupif02the conversation goes something like this:

-mélanie, on mange une pissaladière, j'en ai beaucoup mangé dans le sud et c'est trop bon!
comme tu veux, cathy
-as-tu du farine?
-du lait?
-des oignons?
-des olives?
-des anchois?
euh, non, mais j'ai des maquereaux.
-ahh... est c'est dimanche aussi... pas grave,  ca marche... je ferai plutôt quelque chose inspiré par la pissaladière, au pif. donc ce soir ce sera une aupiffaladière!

-mélanie, let’s eat a pissaladière, i ate a lot of them in the south and it’s good!
as you like, cathy.
-do you have flour?
uhh… no, but i have mackarel.
-ahh… it’s also sunday… not a problem, that will work, i’ll make something inspired by the pissaladiere instead, by taste. so tonight will be an “aupiffaladière!”

awful puns are your specialty. a specialty you treasure.

aupif01the aupiffaladière was made. then eaten. outside, underneath a late summer sky in france.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Sureloy delicious! I cook a lot in that way...



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