11 June 2011

simple saturday

bhit2this saturday is spent staying in.

with strawberries picked right from the garden.

along with lamb’s lettuce and roquefort and roasted walnuts and balsamic vinegar and olive oil and pepper and salt.

bhitit is a rare pajama day. with countless mugs of hot tea. a day you’d enjoy more had your body not decided to break down. perhaps it’s all the moving. or the talking. or the eating. but you feel that the real culprit would be the sudden 10C/18F drop in temperature in less than six hours. from the sun and sleeveless to rainclouds and droplets, your body can’t keep up with such quick climate changes. and so today it said stop.

you hope it doesn’t last long, because you need to move soon.


Kelly Rae said...

what's lamb's lettuce? I've never ever heard of that...

cathy said...

apparently in english it is also called "cord salad" but i've never seen it for sale in the US


in europe, it's delicious.

MISS YOU KRB. about to start a letter. watch your mailbox <3

Kelly Rae said...

super fascinating. I'm excited about mail from you lady