24 July 2011


cdv06you did it. you did everything you wanted to do in france. everything on your list is crossed off. everything on your mind is crossed off. and most important, everything in your heart is crossed off.

cdv07in january, you found this quote. the ancient definition of courage. which is linked directly to the word cœur, or heart.

de cœur disposition d'esprit ensemble des emotions et des intentions qui peuvent aimer un cœur humain

a definition you found beautiful – but also something you realized you lacked. a grosse timide is what you are, and there wasn’t much courage in you. so you searched. all over france. all over europe. cities, countrysides – you looked everywhere. and you couldn’t find it.

compassthen, a few days ago, you finally found it. where else? in evreux. dans les yeux. with the help of a compass, your spinning heart was able to find some courage. 

and you did it. the toughest thing you’ve ever done, and you managed to do it.

avocetteonly… it was a bit too late. because tomorrow you’re flying. to taiwan. to not only see your family, but to continue dancing with people you cherish.

either way, unlike last year, you are leaving with a cœur léger. better to leave with no regrets than with regrets that will weigh you down.

what you wanted to do. done.

what you wanted to see. seen.

what you wanted to show. shown.

what you wanted to feel. felt.


Mélamapola said...

jolie route belle courageuse... à la prochaine fois ! bisous

donna said...

not many people live like this.....time to move on.......