19 July 2011

a goodbye. but not your goodbye.

paolo0120h15. a reservation for 20h00. oops. in france, nobody is ever on time.

especially blue skies and puffy clouds. they’ve been noticably missing – and this is from personal experience – personal cold and wet and shivering experience.

after an entire day of heavy gray rain clouds, tonight, the sky decided to clear up. to say goodbye. not to you, but to another friend. a quality man. un homme de qualité. your goodbye will be this sunday. but for now, it is someone else that is also saying goodbye to evreux.

paolo02his last dinner starts with apéro. you select a kir. your cheeks redden. you haven’t eaten much today, and it only takes a bit of alcohol for your body to react.

paolo03then the food – a monster salad – arrives. it helps absorb some of that kir.

paolo04while it may not feel like summer, it is summer. pistachio and chocolate ice cream for dessert.

paolo05this is evreux. evreux is in normandy. which means calvados is a must.

paolo06you can’t say goodbye without a trou normand.

paolo07in good company. always.

paolo08when you leave the restaurant, the sun has already gone to bed.

paolo12hugs. kisses. then a slightly tipsy walk home. you can thank the calvados for that.

paolo13but before you head inside, you make a quick detour to your favorite spot. the wheat fields.

here, your heart is jumping. since february, it’s been hibernating. but ever since last friday, it hasn’t taken a break. and you love the feeling of a jumping heart. you’ve missed it.

it is jumping in so many directions. for so many reasons. but the main one being is that you love your friends. and these last precious days are reserved only for them.

paolo09as a bonus, unexpectedly, you find your lost sheet of paper. full of vocabulary that you thought you had lost. handwriting that also makes your heart jump because you’re reunited with words you love.

and, you wonder, where did it hide for an entire three months?

paolo11behind the month of february on your calendar. of course! you were wwoofing in february, of course it is logical that you’d use the back of your calendar to take down notes.

and now – it’s time to sleep. you don’t mind if tomorrow it rains or if it shines. if it rains, it is lunch and a movie with great people. if it shines, it is climbing with great people. either way, tomorrow will be a day with great people.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I hate goodbyes! Always sad...



donna said...

i too hate goodbyes, even after decades of them.....