01 July 2011


Back Camerawhile teaching an intensive english week in rouen, you had a conversation with a fellow animator if cities ever made you feel small.

your response was no. cities make you feel crowded.

Back Camerahowever, what does make you feel small is nature.

Back Cameraforests. beaches. sand. when you’re surrounded by nature, you feel no bigger than a speck.

Back Cameraand what a happy speck you were, living with, eating with, talking with, and playing with enthusiastic french lycee students. high school was so long ago for you, but for a certain french group, it is now for them.

Back Camerasuddenly, the week was finished. summer vacation had just started, but a week where they made new friends, tried new foods, played card games, danced soulja boy, made mortar boards, sang english karaoke, learned capture the flag, and many other things – this was a week like none other for them. one by one, they rolled their luggages away to the gate - along with tears rolling down some of the faces.

but not you. your tears will fall in twenty five days.

Back Camera indeed, what a joyful week that was.

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