23 July 2011

le carnet de voyage de recettes

cdv01more than your camera.

more than your laptop with all your photos.

this is what you treasure most.

the project you began in germany at the end of october 2010… a carnet de voyage de recettes. it’s your travel recipe journal.

and yesterday you finished it.

cdv02250 pages. full of people. full of handwritten recipes. full of memories. anytime you met someone sympa you asked for a recipe. friends, carpools, couchsurfing, restaurants, co-workers, random people on the street, children… and rarely did people ever say no.

cdv04a place where different languages and cooking styles and personalities are in one spot. in one special leuchtturm journal.

cdv03you didn’t contribute one word to this journal. it’s all the people you’ve met who have written it for you.

cdv05it’s full. there isn’t any space left. and originally, you wanted to cook everything in the book once you completed it. and write about it. photograph it. and share it with everybody. you still want to.


cdv10your life is a life of suitcases. a life of moving.

there is no kitchen. there is no chez toi to invite friends and neighbors over.

it is physically impossible at this point in your life.

cdv08so you decided, rather than stop completely… to just continue.

cdv09tome two. volume two. has been unwrapped. blank pages.

so, you decide – the day you sign an apartment lease will be the day you stop this project. even if the journal is incomplete, it doesn’t matter – once you have your very own chez toi, that will be the day you stop asking for recipes and start cooking all these memories. and don’t worry – those recipes will be shared.


x said...

ooh how neat, what a fantastic souvenir from your travels!

vmc said...

hi cathy,

i have been a silent reader .. but after i saw this post, i can't help to leave a comment .. your idea is very brilliant .. hats-off .. you never cease to amaze me :) i'm sure one day if you have the chance to publish it, it's going to be a great book.
bonne chance !


Anonymous said...

tHis is so touch!, all good memory are there, you saw the handwritten, time will fly back, never forgotten

cathy said...

thank you :)