06 July 2011

on fait de l'escalade de bloc

boulder10time traveling again.

boulder01but instead of walking, you’re going to climb back to the second weekend of april. to the forests of maincourt-sur-yvette, a suburb of paris. and no, even if you are in a forest, it isn’t trees that you’re climbing.

boulder03it’s the rocks that interest you.

boulder04boulders perfect for climbing. which is why there are numbered routes painted onto them. white = easiest. this is the one you follow.

boulder02but before you start, you need to eat. so the first thing you do is picnic, in true french style.

boulder05once all that food settles down, it’s time to get ready. climbing shoes, crash pads, and chalk – all essentials if you decide to go bouldering.

boulder06 c’est parti!

boulder07faire du bloc, or to go bouldering, is a type of climbing without ropes or helmets since you don’t climb very high – but crash pads, or les matelas, are a must since falling from a short distance is still falling and the ground isn’t any softer.

boulder08to make it even more fun, try climbing without your hands.

bloc12if you need motivation, there are people at the top to cheer you on. allez allez allez! c’est facile! allez! tu peux tu peux! 

bloc22 and if you really want a challenge, follow the orange route. these climbers make it look easy, but you witnessed them fall multiple times before finally making it to the top.

bloc23the key to climbing is to not give up. eventually you’ll make it to the top with enough effort, because it really is worth it once you succeed.

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