03 July 2011

que faire un dimanche

manche01seatbelt. check.

bag of cherries. check.

sleeping bag. check.

sunglasses. check.

short weekend getaway in normandy to la manche with your friends. check.

manche02these are your favorite moments. brittany or normandy, it doesn’t matter – being with your friends, windows rolled down, and the french countryside - that is what you love.

and what you will miss most.

manche03april, may, and june were filled with lots of work, volunteering, exploring, wwoofing, and other things you did on your own.

but july is reserved for your friends.

not a single moment is going to be spent without them.


En plein milieu de la France
que faire un dimanche
que faire un dimanche
sinon penser à la Manche
à ses îles à ses falaises
à ses cotes (certaines anglaises)
à ses bateaux à ses phares
à ses ports à ses amarres
à ses pluies douces et fréquentes
voila ce qu'on peut faire un dimanche
en plein milieu de la France

Raymond Queneau

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A great way to spend a Sunday!