10 July 2011

you will miss…

bisexto01still in april, but another weekend. a weekend you will miss.

bisexto13you will miss the picnics. the jokes. the always present saucisson and baguette combo.

bisexto03you will miss the barely blooming flowers.

bisexto02you will miss the seine and colza fields… from above.

bisexto04you will miss the ropes. the smelly shoes. the harnesses. the helmets. the quickdraws. the materials.

bisexto05you will miss balaying and straining your neck.

bisexto06you will miss climbing.

bisexto11ayou’re lying. you won’t miss any of that.

everyit will be the climbers that you will miss most.

two weeks.

1 comment:

donna said...

enjoy every minute........i will miss the postings from france