26 August 2011

[brief île de ré pause] familiar + a perfect spring day

familiar you’ve been home*. for a few days actually, but didn’t feel like breaking the île de ré train of thought until now.

you’ve got a full kitchen at your disposal. you’ve got a full bookshelf with all your favorites. you’ve got a a full supply closet with all your cameras and film and other materials. you’ve got a full wardrobe.

but it isn’t the fact that they’re full that is important. it’s the fact that everything is familiar. and as you slipped on one of your favorite cotton spring dresses that you haven’t had on for over a year, it just felt so nice to be back with something you know well.

it’s the same thing as going back to france and munching on a baguette after four months. a familiar taste. the same as sitting in your grandma’s rocking chair in taiwan after two years. a familiar movement.

you’re cherishing them because soon, as usual, you’ll be in another unfamiliar world.

*home, this time, meaning texas.

polaroid01 polaroid02another thing. you’re reunited with a scanner. and also photolabs. do you know what this means? it means there is lots of work to be done. work you absolutely love and can’t wait to share with everybody.

let’s jump briefly back to a spring saturday in april, before you left for île de ré. the english came down. the italian came over. the parisian came up. all the assistants joined in. it was the first day (officially unemployed) after the last day of work. the day before you said goodbye to all your students at the lycée.

so. a day of just being together. picnics. parks. talks. because after that, everybody scattered to their own respective adventures.