16 August 2011

the five week home at île de ré

ile05celery. and couscous. you remember it because it is a vegetable you never buy – you will eat it, but you will never choose it.

and during your five week stint at île de ré, you never had much choice because your vegetables were donated by the nice vendeur at the marché – whatever fruit and veggies couldn’t be sold because they were slightly abimés (damanged) went straight to hungry tummies of about twelve volunteers.

happily, you love being forced out of your normal cooking box.

ile06home became a tent. neighbors quickly became friends.

ile08friends around a table. this is france. and perhaps one of the reasons why you love france so much – because all of your closest friendships are not very far from food.

ile07anybody from the may 2011 group of volunteers will never, ever, forget la terrine de maman de sylvain. what would normally take two months to eat was gone in about three days.

ile09your new home is only two minutes away by bike to your favorite backyard. a little eglise perhaps? no.

ile11a poppy field? yes and no because the poppy field is more of a twenty-five minute bike ride away. here, two minutes away, you see one or two poppies sporadically.

ile13la plage. the beach. the ocean. that is what is two minutes away. never in your life have you lived so close to the ocean before. and for an entire five weeks, you will profiter and spend as much time as you can here.

ile14you’re happy to share the beach with some certain feathered friends who like to come out and eat during marée basse. low tide. with your binoculars as well as some distance, you enjoy a spectacle of their dinner time.

ile10the sun is setting. time to go back to your new home.

ile16qui veut jouer aux fléchettes? becomes a question asked every night. a pre-dinner staple. [who wants to play a game of darts?]

ile17the night ends one way. and one way only. autour un table, of course. for five weeks, you dined outside with your new friends until the sun was long long gone. [around a table]


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A beautiful place!



donna said...

loving it all....especially those beach shot......

Lizounette said...

how wonderful. sounds like the perfect way to prolonge your stay :-)

eem2130 said...

Hi there --
I've loved poking around your blog, and I'm more excited than ever to move to France in a month. I tried to contact you through the Teaching Assistants in France forums but the administrator for that site hasn't yet confirmed my registration. I'm looking for a housing option in Evreux next year, and saw your post about your friends seeking a housemate. I'd love to know if they are still looking!