01 August 2011

not exactly the same, yet still the same

fint05it’s no SNCF. it’s no TER.

there’s not that jingle you’re used to hearing. there’s no yellow validation machines. there’s nobody checking for your carte 12-25.

fint04this is no european teapot.

fint02you are where the mountains meet the sea. in taiwan. chez ta grand-mère.

it isn’t the same. but you know what is?

fint01your friendships. all the way from england, the past seven days have been spent dancing and laughing around northern taiwan.

and this dance will continue – to south taiwan - to north america – to texas – to houston - to new york city – to washington d.c. – your feet may be tired but they are happy.

fint03regardless of where you are, as long as you are with your friends, the way you guys pass time will always remain the same.

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