24 August 2011


ile054so much at île de ré is dependent on the wind. nothing is ever sure because the wind is capable of changing everything.

ile055and for some reason, every saturday the wind enjoyed souffle-ing [blowing] ominous rain clouds over île de ré, cancelling any chance of any of your friends from normandy to come for a weekend visit. with impending bad weather and cancelled plans, you decide to hang out at the campsite.

ile056the wind souffles, clearing up the sky. you sulk a bit about how the the weather must be mocking you, but your mood brightens as you stumble upon a tiramisu being made. you jump right in.

ile058it decides to souffle again. the doves are smart and stay near shelter.

ile059you take shelter as well, in the wall less kitchen. this time a lasagna is being prepared. qu’est-ce je pourrais faire? you ask but they’ve got enough people. so photos are made instead. [what can i do (to help)?]

ile060after dinner, you thought perhaps there might be a good sunset. but the clouds are too thick and there isn’t a hint of the hues you love. instead you’ve got drama.

ile062and not so far away, there’s another drama happening. an injured bird at the office. you end the night by attempting to feed it caterpillars.

you also check the weather for tomorrow. clear skies, says the weather. you have doubts. after all, the wind could souffle and change all that in an instant.

ile063you decide to take a chance anyway the next morning. you get up early to try and see the sunrise.

ile064it doesn’t let you down.

ile065 today looks like a good day. so. on your bike!

ile066another poppy field is discovered.

then, a text message. “on va faire apéro à la mer ce soir, rdv vers 7h30 à la plage près du camping.”

oooo. of course you aren’t going to miss this.

[w'e’re gonna have before dinner drinks by the ocean tonight, meet around seven thirty at the beach near the campsite.]

ile067you arrive to find a circle is forming.

ile068plants are identified, beers are opened, saucisse is sliced, chips are passed around.

_MG_0733 all in front of the ocean. and technically, in front of france as well as you can see parts of the mainland.

ile070the circle is closed as the games begin. but you run away from the shade as it is becoming too cold. you head for a spot on higher ground with some sun to stay warm.

ile071you aren’t finished with the sun just yet. after dinner, you head out to the marshes in search, as usual, of a sunset.

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donna said...

loving the sunset! and all the rest, aussi.....thanks again for the posts.....