23 September 2011

[automatic out of town post full of words] 11:11 pm, make a wish

you are not done with france.

the entire last year you carried around a 35mm film camera.

your canonet ql17.

however the prices of developing film would send your wallet into shock.

so you decided to develop them in taiwan and in texas.

and they are done. they are beautiful. they want to make you do nothing but abandon digital and throw yourself in the land of reels, fixers, negatives – you want to stop time with film.


you also have no time.

these photos deserve words. they really do. they also have a story. you want to give them their story.

but you simply have no time.

you’ve decided on a compromise.

since you are now out of town and will be out of town for the next few weeks, you’ve decided to set up automatic posting at 11:11 pm each day. the time to make a wish, as you ex-roomie once said.

the posts will be wordless. but they will be full.

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