20 September 2011

the last.

IMG_5163this is it. your last day.

last01the last gathering in the kitchen.

last02the last card game played on the ground.

IMG_5196the last apéro is brought out. saucisson.

IMG_5197the last lunch. spaghetti.

IMG_5202 the last salad. roquette/arugula. tomates/tomatos. mustard/moutarde.

IMG_5235the last bottle of wine.

IMG_5337the last walk.

IMG_5341definitely not the last silly moment.

IMG_5358you choose an african restaurant for the last dinner.

IMG_5359it will serve as a narrative hook to your next project. hint, there is some foreshadowing going on.

IMG_5364the last laughs.

IMG_5377the last hugs.

IMG_5384 the last bear hugs.

IMG_5396the last walk back.

IMG_5397and oddly enough, you don’t cry.

it might have to do with the fact that you don’t have time to cry. because once you arrive in taiwan tomorrow there is your favorite londoner waiting for you in a hostel.

IMG_5409but what you think the real reason for not crying is that france has become a part of you. that it is impossible for you to miss it.

how can you miss something if you always feel as if it is still next to you, around you, in front of you, behind of you, inside of you?

just look at french grammar:

la france me manque. “i miss france” is the translation but it literally says france is missing from me.

but it isn’t. not on that day. not today. not ever.


Kelly Rae said...

Your hair was soooo long! Also, I love when fish is grilled whole-yum! <3

hannahalyon said...

I don't know you in person, but I've been reading your blog since I lived in France and needed some recipes ;)
It's been exactly two years today since I left for Lyon (and 16 months since I came back to Germany), and this post brought back the best memories from my time there (I absolutely LOVE Jungle Speed, but none of my German friends seem to like it as much as everyone I met in France)

donna said...

ALL good things end....but then there's time and space left for the NEW........

Yann said...

Then you've left Evreux !

It's been a while now since I've visited your blog. It seems like it was the right moment to do so. Anyway congratulations, you've visited France probably more than the average french people and you know more about my own country than I do.

I wish you good luck for the future and try to follow your next adventure.


cathy said...

@kelly: long is good but the short swish is 1000x better in the heat xx
@hanna: jungle speed is indeed one of the best games. i'm glad it brings back happy memories for you as well :)
@donna: there is tons of old AND new in the soon future ;)
@yann: indeed i have left. france is never far from me, nor my plans in the future. just going to take a long detour..

merci tout le monde <3