15 September 2011

le dernier grimpe / the last climb

con01-petitthis view, when seen, means one thing.


con04-petityou feel sick, but that doesn’t stop you from getting some fresh air. cold and wet fresh air, that is. the climbers of evreux are one motivated group, and you love that.

you aren’t sure if it’s the physical constant north-south-north-south-north south traveling that has made your body unwell or the mental realization that future plans have finally been confirmed. either way, your body then decides to shut down.

con06-petitsomeone is cheating. but that’s okay, since that is actually your style for climbing.

con05-petitat the time, you didn’t realize it, but this is your last time climbing in normandy.

con07-petityou had plans to climb later on, but it just kept raining.

con08-petitso it’s only through these photos that you are able to say goodbye to your favorite cliffs because you didn’t have a chance to do it in person.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Lovely landscapes. A great place to climb rocks.