01 September 2011

les petits mouvements deviennent les grands mouvements

ile1932the next few days are rather calm.

ile1942 some aigrette stalking. note the S shape of the neck en vol. [in flight]

ile1962you pass by the reserve and wondering what is disturbing les goélands. more than likely it’s the stagiaires goélands who are identifying nests – the one thing that will send goélands (or any bird, for that matter) screeching into the sky in fury.

ile1952at the campsite, laundry is being done. and dried.

ile1972a new neighbor sets up his tent at the camping grounds.

ile1902pickled salicorne is brought and shared. [salicornia]

ile1922mystery canned dessert, which you don’t participate in.

ile1912time passes à table.

ile1982strawberry cherry clafoutis and a tonka bean chocolate cake are baked.

ile1992a fire is started for a barbeque. 

ile2012as usual, you temporarily leave the dinner table for a sunset hunt.

and to your dismay, your favorite spot is now covered in algae, destroying the reflection you love so much.

ile202here at île de ré with your new friends, there are a lot of phrases that are uttered souvent. often.

ile203 “au bon macareaux”

ile204putain moustiques de merde ça me faire chier!”

ile203a “rendre-dents-vous”

ile205 “je sens qu’il y a quelque chose qui brûle…”

ile206“récré nature”

ile205b “ré-lune-ion”

ile207“pause poubelle”

ile208but your favorite? the one you guard close to heart every day, even though months have passed and you’re no longer there?

ile209a it’s the one that’s said at the end of each meal.

les petits mouvements deviennent les grands mouvements.

petits mouvements! petits mouvements! c’est l’heure de petits mouvements!

[small movements! small movements! it’s time for small movements!]

ile209b two times a day, for lunch and dinner, there are about fifteen sets of tableware to be cleared away. knives. forks. plates. spoons. bowls. cups. glasses. wine bottles. plus the cookware. pots. pans. chopping boards. spatulas. casserole dishes. plus the table. bread crumbs. spilled drinks. dropped food. water pitchers. cherry pits from a spitting contest.

all of this… has to be washed. wiped. dried. by hand.

ile209after dinner, people will linger. talk. let the food rest. avoiding the grand task up ahead. then inevitably, a petit mouvement will happen.

someone will grab their neighbor’s plate. then another. a small stack. then everybody will pass their plates. a big stack. then someone will grab the silverware. someone else will pass their silverware. then everybody passes their silverware. a handful of silverware.

ile210slowly – these small movements – become bigger and bigger. suddenly everything is in the sink. the grands mouvements. people wash, people dry, people bring things back to where they belong, people stack, people organize, people move.

ile211then the table is pristine and clean. ready for a pre-bed cigarette or a late night tisane. most of all, ready for the next meal.

les petits mouvements deviennent les grands mouvements.

small movements become big movements.

it’s a phrase you repeat to yourself every day, for nearly every task – because even outside of the dining context, it still applies to everything else.

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donna said...

life can have a real momentum....what a wonderful way to put that...i will remember that statement.....i am always surprised when an event.... (sometimes one i dread) ....becomes so much easier with many hands and many movements