13 September 2011

on dîne dehors / let’s dine outdoors

parc04someone recovering with a broken leg doesn’t go outdoors much.

especially in a city such as paris.

you’ve got a night train to montpellier – so you show up early in paris to do what you love most: hang out.

parc06you cook indoors. with mozzarella, as it is required for any italian.

but. the sun is teasing you by slipping rays in through the window.

so you ask your friend, “on dîne dehors?”

you meant just the steps outside her building. but she pushes herself to make it to the park across the street.

[let’s dine outdoors!?]

parc05what a good idea.

she’s happy to be out in the sun.

parc07happy to be with friends.

parc12as an added bonus, you’re extra happy as you collect a new recipe.

then you say goodbye and hop off to gare de lyon to catch your train.

paris. park. picnic. it doesn’t get any simpler nor better than those three things together.

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Ancarol said...

such great day with the right place that you living ; )