14 September 2011

[present] village creek drying beds

Back Camerathe present. today really is september 14th, and you are not writing about your adventures in france. you’re writing about the present because you’ve missed noting down daily moments.

the problem is time. you’ve calculated, with your remaining days spent in texas, you can’t possibly squeeze in all the stories you want to tell. you haven’t figured out the solution yet, but you’ll let it work itself out day by day.

today you went to some former drying beds 20 minutes from where you live.

where years ago, this is where sewage would be laid out to be dried out.

this means one thing. former bird food feeding frenzy.

Back Cameratoday the drying beds just sit there. normally it is filled with water, but texas is just a bit dry at the moment.

even with the scarcity of water, you still see plenty of life.

Back Camerasuch as a harrier hawk. or it might’ve been a swainson’s hawk. you aren’t sure anymore.

you are still a beginner at this.

Back Camerathis one is easier. a soft-shelled turtle. one of the few animals you can get close to for a photo without fear of it vanishing.

vcdband just like that, you started yet another journal: the bird watching journal (which, you want to make clear, is pure coincidence that it happens to have bird patterns inside)

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